• Bag for the thirsty goose urinal to be hidden away in. for better use of the men's urinal or bedpan.

    Free Hideaway Bag

    Price = $15

  • Thirsty Goose urinal showing off its glow in the dark necklace which allows the urinal to easily be found at night. Bedpan urinal for men.

    Free Glow In The Dark Necklace

    Price = $7

  • Image showing free shipping for the thirsty goose men's urinal. urinal bedpan for men.

    Free Shipping to Contiguous USA

    Price = $16

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  • Thirsty Goose urinal with the hideaway bag to remove stigma from embarrassing conditions causing regular urination.

    Free cotton hideaway bag for your discretion.

  • Image of Thirsty Goose Urinal Beak. Showing Quality and Unique Style

    Premium electroplated gold beak.

  • Image of components of a Thirsty Goose urinal to prove its watertight ability. Thirsty Goose Urinal. Portable Urinal

    Ultra leak & odor proof seal.

  • Cutaway image of the inside of the urinal, to illustrate how private and durable the thirsty goose portable men's urinal is.

    1.2L / 42oz capacity, ready for multiple uses.

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