• Urinal. Portable Urinal. Urinal for men. Big happy face on top of a thirsty goose urinal to represent happiness and the great positive effects of using the bedside urinal/ bedpan from Thirsty Goose.

    Hide in plain sight

    Engineered so nobody will be aware of its purpose or contents.

  • Thirsty Goose free glowing necklace for night use and night urination

    Free Glow in the dark necklace

    Easily find the Thirsty Goose Urinal at night.

  • Thirsty Goose Urinal with its bag for discrete use. Portable urinal or bedpan for use around the house or beside urinal.

    Free hideaway bag

    When discretion is key the Thirsty Goose can be hidden from view.

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The only urinal for any spot in the home.

The Thirsty Goose portable urinal offers men unparalleled convenience, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted sleep and pursue hobbies without pause. This urinal mitigates health risks associated with sleep deprivation by reducing nighttime disruptions. All while being the worlds most stylish and discrete urinal.