But Why a Goose Portable Urinal

Its only the worlds most stylish portable urinal

But Why does the Thirsty Goose Urinal exist? The Thirsty Goose keeps you in bed, no lights needed, no fumbling around. Get the job done and go back to sleep.

Leaving your warm bed, stumbling around in the dark and turning the lights on all drag you out of your sleep cycle, making it harder to go back to sleep and get a full night's rest, reinforcing bad habits and lowering your quality of life.

Thirsty Goose Urinal is a bedside or private, companion with its cute/ silly personality and convenience. One doesn't need to have medical issues to appreciate the benefits of the Thirsty Goose. In this sense, Thirsty Goose can solve frustration for men worldwide, while the image and brand of the company can bring people together. In Thirsty Goose, we have a solution to a problem and a portable companion. In the brand, we have a community and driving force for happiness.

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But why does Thirsty Goose Portable Urinal exist

 Tricky stuff

After many redesigns and multiple prototypes we settled on version 16.

In finding the perfect design we explored materials from ceramic, hand-blown glass, stainless steel, tin, and even double-wall insulated aluminum. We chose amorphous polymer for its tough and durable nature, variety of high-quality finishes, cleanliness, transport weight (delivery cost), and high quality to cost ratio.

We have refined a product that we are sure you love and we are proud to put our name behind.

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