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About us, thirsty goose urinal

About us Thirsty Goose

About Us; The idea for the Thirsty Goose portable men's urinal originated when our founder (Ryan) struggled to get up in the cold night to use the bathroom. After discussing this with his father Ryan learned that his father also experienced frequent nighttime bathroom wakeups he refused to use any of the degrading medical urinals on the market. (For more on how the Thirsty Goose came to be click here). This led to the creation of the Thirsty Goose. After more than 16 re-designs and many prototypes the current design was perfected, combining simplicity and practicality.

Wazz, inc./ Thirsty Goose is specifically focused on the goal of providing products you didn't know you needed. Thirsty Goose believes that fun and happiness can be captured in practical products and strives to create them even if they do go against the norm. We will continue to develop the Thirsty Goose and then turn our attention toward some other products which are currently in the incubator stage.

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But Why?

Thirsty Goose is a bedside or private, companion with its cute/ silly personality and convenience. One doesn't need to have medical issues to appreciate the benefits of the Thirsty Goose. In this sense, Thirsty Goose can solve frustration for men worldwide, while the image and brand of the company can bring people together. In Thirsty Goose, we have a solution to a problem and a portable companion. In the brand, we have a community and driving force for happiness.

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