• Won't Roll

    Specifically shaped to not roll around when starting and stopping.

  • Image of components of a Thirsty Goose urinal to prove its watertight ability. Thirsty Goose Urinal. Portable Urinal

    Ultra leak Proof

    Wont leak in any position.

  • Cutaway image of the inside of the urinal, to illustrate how private and durable the thirsty goose portable men's urinal is.

    Non Offensive

    With a mat black finish and thick durable frame, nobody can see or be aware of the contents.

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The Road Warriors Dilemma

Hard working men. Truckers, delivery drivers, road warriors. You often struggle to find a restroom while on the move. This portable urinal is a game-changer for anyone stuck in traffic or on a tight delivery schedule, providing a discreet, hygienic, and convenient way to manage urination without delays. Perfect for those long routes and unpredictable delivery schedules. Thirsty Goose Urinal ensures drivers stay comfortable, focused, and on schedule.