• Thirsty Goose urinal with the hideaway bag to remove stigma from embarrassing conditions causing regular urination.

    Free Hideaway Bag

    When discretion is key the Thirsty Goose can be hidden from view.

  • Thirsty Goose urinal showing off its glow in the dark necklace which allows the urinal to easily be found at night. Bedpan urinal for men.

    Free Glow In The Dark Necklace

    Easy to find at night. Specially designed as a bedside urinal.

  • Big happy face on top of a thirsty goose urinal to represent happiness and the great positive effects of using the bedside urinal/ bedpan from Thirsty Goose.

    Stigma Dissolving Shape

    Combat stigma and shame caused by regular urination with convenience and humor.

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Combat Nocturia, Insomnia And The Effects Of Aging

Lack of sleep caused by Nocturia, Diabetes Insipidus, frequent nighttime urination, and insomnia are concerning. However the Thirsty Goose Urinal is a key solution for improving sleep and managing these conditions. Combat insomnia and enhance sleep quality with the stigma free, Thirsty Goose urinal solution.