• Thirsty Goose Urinal with hideaway bag side view. Portable urinal. Frequent Urination.

    Free Hideaway Bag

    When discretion is key the Thirsty Goose can be hidden from view.

  • Thirsty Goose free glowing necklace for night use and night urination

    Free Glow In The Dark Necklace

    Easy to find at night. Specially designed as a bedside urinal.

  • Urinal. Portable Urinal. Urinal for men. Big happy face on top of a thirsty goose urinal to represent happiness and the great positive effects of using the bedside urinal/ bedpan from Thirsty Goose.

    Stigma Dissolving Shape

    Combat stigma and shame caused by regular urination with convenience and humor.

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Combat Nocturia, Insomnia And The Effects Of Aging

Lack of sleep caused by Nocturia, Diabetes Insipidus, frequent nighttime urination, and insomnia are concerning. However the Thirsty Goose Urinal is a key solution for improving sleep and managing these conditions. Combat insomnia and enhance sleep quality with the stigma free, Thirsty Goose urinal solution.