Thanks for purchasing your Thirsty Goose Urinal

Hi, I'm Ryan the founder of Thirsty Goose!

Urinal thirsty goose portable urinal 4U2PN2


Urinal portable urinal thirsty goose 4U2PN2

Thanks for purchasing your Thirsty Goose Urinal

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When starting out this strange urinal company I wasn't sure anyone would actually buy a Thirsty Goose. However I was confident that there were enough free thinkers out there like yourself to justify taking a big gamble on a unique idea.

Thank you for supporting Thirsty Goose and becoming a part of our growing community, it really does mean more than I can express to have you here.

After 3 years of re designs, prototypes and business nonsense I present to you the Thirsty Goose Urinal. Crafted for the distinguished gentleman, the stuck in traffic gentleman, the stuck in bed gentleman, the can't pause the game gentleman and the sleepy gentleman.

I hope you enjoy the first product from my young company, and would encourage you to stay up to date with us on our socials as we have more unique ideas in the works.

Instagram: @thirsty_goose

Facebook: @ThirstyGoose

TikTok: @thirsty_goose

If you have any comments, queries or design ideas, email me at or from our Contact Us page.



The sensation of peeing into a goose may feel strange at first. However after the first couple of uses you will learn to trust the goose and any awkward sensations will disappear.


Don’t have with sex with it.
If you don't fit, you don't force it. Just take the win nature gave you and move on.
If you somehow become stuck, start working on your story and seek medical help.
Clean after each use by flushing with warm water.
This product is not intended to contain liquids for later use or consumption.


For refunds or returns please see our returns and refunds page


Don't use the Thirsty Goose Urinal while operating vehicles or machinery. Don't use this device in public places or allow use of this device to expose yourself to others. This product is not designed as a medical device and is not designed to treat any medical condition. Wazz, Inc/ Thirsty Goose Urinal accepts no responsibility for, damage, injury, death or poisoning caused by improper use of this device. By using this product, users agree they are of sound mind and maturity and do not expect Wazz / Thirsty Goose to take accountability for their choices to use the product in improper places, times or scenarios. Wazz recommends all bodily ablutions should take place in private sanitary settings.

If your interested in how the thirsty goose came about see our About Us or Why We Made It pages.